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Qingdao Decent Group have completed two container laboratories for a valued client in Egypt. This turnkey solution is meticulously designed to meet their unique laboratory needs, offering Laboratory Customization, State-of-the-Art Equipment, Energy-Efficient Systems, and Mobile Capabilities. Our Rapid Deployment and commitment to Environmental Compliance ensure cutting-edge, sustainable, and flexible laboratory solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on our innovative offerings!

Product Details

Cutting-Edge Facilities Redefining Research

Discover Qingdao Decent Group cutting-edge container laboratories tailored for on-site testing, mobile capabilities, and rapid deployment. Our turnkey solution guarantee cost efficiency, environmental compliance, and versatile applications to meet your diverse needs.

Unique Advantages

  • Laboratory Customization: Tailor your container laboratory to meet specific experiment and research needs with our versatile modular design.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Precision and efficiency are guaranteed with cutting-edge technology and advanced laboratory apparatus.
  • Energy-Efficient Systems: Embrace sustainability and achieve long-term cost savings with our energy-efficient systems.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Conduct on-the-go research with ease. Our container laboratories are designed for convenient transportation to various locations.
  • Rapid Deployment: Minimize downtime and expedite research projects with our turnkey solutions, ensuring quick setup for immediate laboratory activities.
  • Environmental Compliance: Contribute to eco-friendly practices. Our container laboratories are designed with reduced environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

  • Major Equipment

    Large Oven with 4 trolleys, Jaw crusher and Rotary Sample Divider Combo, Pulverizing Mill DP2000, Dust Collection Workstation, Movable Workbench, Laboratory Dust Collection System, Air Compressor, Windows, Doors, Lighting System, and Air Conditioners.

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    Turnkey Solution for Container Laboratories

    Qingdao Decent Group is committed to providing turnkey solutions. You can purchase DECENT container laboratories according to our existing mature solutions, or customize your special requirements according to the following process:

    Order - Design - Discussion and modification - Production - Delivery - Onsite installation - Operation training - After sales

    Classic Cases

    The Second Sample Prep Container Laboratory in Egypt Project 2024

    Sample Preparation Container Laboratory of Egypt Project 2023

    BV China Container Laboratory Project in 2022

    Canada Extreme Cold-Resistant Container Laboratory Project in 2022

    Egypt Containerized Laboratory Project 2021

    Container Selection

    20hq shipping container

    40hq shipping container

    ISO Sipping Container

















    Modular Equipment

    We manufacture almost all equipment, tools and consumables for various mobile laboratory requirements of sample preparation, fire assay, test & analysis and so on as below.

    fusion furnace cupellation furnace jaw crusher hammer crusher rotary sample divider

    laboratory dust removal system acid fume scrubber sample pulverizer of laboratory laboratory drying oven laboratory standard sieve shaker

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