Dust Collection System

mobile lab dust collection tower
dust collection tower
dedusting tower pipe
Lab dust collection system
mobile lab dust collection tower
dust collection tower
dedusting tower pipe
Lab dust collection system

Industrial Dust Collection System

Qingdao Decent Group industrial cust collection system adopts a cartridge filter pulse dust collector, which can effectively reduce the pollution of dust and harmful particles to the laboratory environment, create a safe and comfortable workplace for staff, and provide protection for the lab testing and analysis process. The filter cartridge dust collector adopts the principle of high-pressure pulse dust removal, and the filter cartridge filters and suction dust, which can effectively filter and purify dust, especially for finer dust. The filter element adopts a microfilter containing activated carbon adsorption material. It can effectively filter 99.9% of sub-micron particles.

Product Details

Effectively filters 99.9% of dust and harmful particles in the air

With the continuous development of industrial modernization, more and more quantity and kind of samples which laboratory and sample preparation room need test. Their requirements to the environment of laboratory and sample preparation room also become stricter and stricter. So we supply our industrial cust collection system which adopts cartridge filter pulse dust collector and suits for such current trends. Cartridge filter adopts one kind of micro filter which includes activated carbon adsorbent material. It can filter 99.9% of submicron particles. Work safety and environmental control are always a serious concern for all laboratories. Based on that, we provide design and installation service for your laboratory dedusting system. With high filter rate and easy maintenance, pulse cartridge dust collector becomes more and more popular, which can filter 99.9% of submicron particles.
● Adoption of the latest dedusting technology which is different from traditional ventilation exhaust, water filter and bag filter and can collecting small dust.
● All main parts are made from imported material, which offers incomparable filterability and ventilation compared to common material. Every square meter can handle a minimum of 0.1micron dust while the flow rate can reach 235m3/h. Filtration efficiency is greatly increased because of folding type structure by comparing with bag filter.
● Famous brand microcomputer control combines with a pneumatic control system to ensure machines work effectively and stably, which is more stable and intelligent and easier to operate and control.
● An intelligent negative pressure detection system offers automatic cleaning when the filter element is blocked and the negative pressure inbox increases.
● Customized to different site needs.



dust collection system for laboratory dust collection system for factory dust collection system for mobile container laboratory

Core Components of Dust Removal

High filter cartridge as the filtering element, PTFE membrane filter, for the adhesion of dust,PTFE coated filter element can filter dust particles reach 0.3um (optonal higher eve of filtraton), the filtration efficiency reached 99.99%.Even if the ambient temperature is lower than the dew point temperature. The filter element also maintains a stable filtration capacity.PTFE membrane filter has the advantages of membrane filtration and rigid body filtration, and small volume, large filtration area of rigid filter allows high working pressure, and has a very long service life. Mainly used for the treatment of various toxic and harmful ultrafine dust and smoke, caution should be exercised in oily smoke environments, and additional membrane materials may be required for use.

Qingdao Decent Filter Cartridge Element Qingdao Decent PTFE Filter Cartridge

Self-cleaning Principle of Cartridge

Purifier filter cleaning by pulse jet structure: when the purifier running after a period of time, fine dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter, the reduced permeability filter, dust absorption filter surface is cleared in the flow, fall in the lower chamber of the dust hopper.

Pulse injection requires clean compressed air of 0.4-0.6Mpa, and constant and constant air supply must be maintained during operation.

Working Principle of Filter Tube Dedusting

Ash Cleaning System

Cartridge filter cleaning with compressed air pulse cleaning, now through the microcomputer control timing or manual start function of pulse jet injection valve, the filter cylinder radial deformation, shake off the dust. The pipeline system is fixed in the box with the support, and the positioning pin is set, so that the accurate reset can be ensured when the equipment is maintained and maintained.

Compressed air piping system for diversion of compressed air, compressed air helps in the blowing process stability, can improve the cleaning system running stability, effectively reduce the equipment running resistance, reduce the energy consumption of the system. The ash cleaning system is equipped with gas distribution bag and precision filter (oil, water and dust) to ensure the pressure, gas volume and quality of the gas supply. The dust cleaning and ash cleaning capacity can meet the demand of dust cleaning under various working conditions.

Electromagnetic Pulse Valve

The key equipment of the ash cleaning system is the electromagnetic pulse valve, and its selection is related to the dust removal effect of the dust remover and the stability and reliability of the equipment. Can effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs. We use the electromagnetic pulse valve to dust, blowing pressure 0.7MPA, DC24V 1.0"in the workload, gas pressure is MPA, pulse jet time 0.2S, single electromagnetic pulse valve injection when the compressed air consumption 30L, greatly reduce the compressed air consumption, can effectively reduce the workload of the compressed air station.


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