Containerized Laboratory Case

Egypt Containerized Laboratory Project 2021

Exciting new container laboratory project

We designed and built three container laboratories in the second half of 2021, including a fire assay container laboratory, a sampling container laboratory, and a wet container laboratory after fully understanding Egyptian laboratory customers' needs.

All of our mobile laboratories are retrofitted from brand new ISO shipping containers, which are sturdy, durable, and easy to transport. This makes them a perfect solution for mine site testing and remote laboratory construction.

Three containerized laboratories built the entire process from sampling, to sample preparation, to fire assay, to testing and analysis. As a result of these 3 container labs, each step in the process can be done precisely while ensuring that each piece of equipment can be operated in a satisfactory location.

Furthermore, according to the requirements of the experiment and the local conditions in Egypt, we also developed a unique dust removal system and air conditioning system. The system can not only meet the experiment requirements, but also protect the environment.

portable containerized laboratory
easy load and mobile container laboratory
sample preparation containerized laboratory
container laboratory equipment display
sample preparation container laboratory equipment display
sample preparation mobile container laboratory equipment display
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