Containerized Laboratory Case

Sample Preparation Container Laboratory of Egypt Project

Revolutionizing Research and Innovation in Egypt

Qingdao Decent Group recently accomplished a groundbreaking feat with the completion of the first of two cutting-edge container laboratories for our esteemed clients in Egypt. These state-of-the-art facilities mark a significant leap forward in redefining possibilities within the realms of research and innovation.

Qingdao Decent Group conceptualized and developed a cutting-edge container laboratory, leveraging the latest in technological advancements. The design prioritized portability, ensuring ease of transportation and swift deployment at the client's location. The facilities were equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and systems to support diverse research requirements.

This container lab contains the following:

1 large oven with 4 trolleys.
1 set of jaw crusher and rotary sample divider mill.
2 sets of pulverizing mill DP2000.
1 set of dust collection work station.
1 set of movable workbench.
1 set of laboratory dust collection system.
1 set of air compressor.
1 set of windows.
3 sets of doors.
1 set of lighting system.
2 sets of air conditioners.

It can be said that the container laboratory has constructed the whole process of sample preparation, and can ensure that every step of the process can be completed accurately.

The container laboratory is pivotal in establishing a comprehensive sample preparation process, ensuring the precise execution of each step in the workflow.
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