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customized container lab for BV in China
drying oven in container lab
mineral equiment integrate in container lab
industrial medium sized jaw crusher integrated in container lab
dust collector in container lab
customized container lab for BV in China
drying oven in container lab
mineral equiment integrate in container lab
industrial medium sized jaw crusher integrated in container lab
dust collector in container lab

Perfect Shock-Absorbing Containerized Laboratory

This sample preparation containerized laboratory is a customized project for Bureau Veritas(BV) in China. The difficulty is that the container carries a industrial medium sized jaw crusher weighing 2.5 tons. But our engineers have perfectly solved the problem that the overweight jaw crusher brings vibration to the entire container.

Product Details

Vibration solution for container laboratory with industrial jaw crusher

In accordance with the customized requirements of Bureau Veritas' commodity service department, Qingdao Decent Group designed and produced a mobile containerized sample preparation laboratory. This container lab integrates dust removal system, drying oven, jaw crushers, pulverizer, standard sieve shaker, operation workbench, electronic balance station and other equipment.

The difficulty of this project lies in the client's requirement to integrate an industrial medium-sized jaw crusher weighing 2.5 tons. The maximum feed particle size of this jaw crusher is 210mm, and the maximum sample processing capacity is 20 tons/hour. However, when the jaw crusher is running, the strong eccentric vibration will drive the entire container to shake at the same time, causing extremely unsafe factors to other equipment and personnel.

According to the operating characteristics of the jaw crusher and customer requirements, our engineers have designed a special shock absorption system solution, which perfectly solves the resonance problem of the jaw crusher to the entire container laboratory. When it is on the base, the flat washer will not have any vibration and displacement, which also realizes another major innovation of our DECENT container technology.

[ Product Features ]

A single container can complete the whole process for sample preparation
Perfect shock absorption solution for the industrial medium-sized jaw crusher
Not subject to geographical and environmental restrictions, it can be quickly put into use when connected to water, electricity and drainage facilities
Movable, recyclable, reusable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving
Convenient transportation and simple installation, which greatly saves the basic investment cost
Highly customized, with optional modular equipment, providing on-site debugging and training services

[ Major Equipment ]

Drying oven, Electronic Balance Station, Jaw Crushers, Pulverizer, Operation workbench, Weighing Station, Standard sieve shaker, Dust collection system,  Air compressor, Air conditioners, Surveillance cameras, lighting system, Fire extinguishers and other laboratory equipment. (customized according to customer needs)

[ Product Video ]

Turnkey Solution for ContainerLab

Qingdao Decent Group is committed to providing turnkey solutions. You can purchase DECENT containerlabs according to our existing mature solutions, or customize your special requirements according to the following process:

Order - Design - Discussion and modification - Production - Delivery - Onsite installation - Operation training - After sales

Container Selection

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[ Modular Equipment ]

We manufacture almost all equipment, tools and consumables for various mobile laboratory requirements of sample preparation, fire assay, test & analysis and so on as below.

fusion furnace cupellation furnace jaw crusher hammer crusher rotary sample divider

laboratory dust removal system acid fume scrubber sample pulverizer of laboratory laboratory drying oven laboratory standard sieve shaker

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