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Integral Sample Preparation System

Integral Sample Preparation System

Decent Integral Sample Preparation System is a multi-stage crushing and multi-stage divising integrated sample preparation device. It developed and replaced the traditional sample preparation equipment, effectively ensuring sample preparation quality and improving sample preparation efficiency. At the same time, it can also be used as a sample preparation system for trains, automobiles, and belt samplers, which improves the anti-blocking of the sample system of the sampling mechanism. Performance and improve the reliability of its operation. It has been tested that the precision of sample preparation of this product meets the requirements, and there is no system deviation.

Product Details

A one-time feeding, two-stage crushing or divising system

Decent Integral Sample Preparation System is a one-time feeding, two-stage crushing or divising system. It can complete the processes of material conveying, crushing and divising at the same time. The equipment can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of operators. The equipment has compact structure, simple and beautiful appearance, and simple operation. This system is an ideal equipment for testing and sample preparation in laboratories of coal, metallurgy, electric power, steel, chemical, scientific research and other departments.


Fully sealed design offers safe and dust free operation.
Automatic sample feeding via conveyor.
Welded steel crushing cavity avoids easy crack and material holdup problems.
Full width hammer/blade hammer crush materials in full section and avoid problems of blocking working cavity and sample holdup.
High efficiency, the whole process of sample feeding, crushing, blending, division can be finished continuously and quickly.
Plug-in sieve plateds ensure convenient cleaning and maintenance.
Low noise, easy installation and operation, easy maintenance.
Optional built-in smaple divider increases sampling accuracy.


Model No. MIS 150 MIS 150A
Feed-in Size 150mm 150mm
Primary Output Size 13mm or 6mm(adjustable) 13mm or 6mm(adjustable)
Secondary Output Size 3-1mm(adjustable) 3-1mm(adjustable)
Primary Division Rate 1/2-1/8(adjustable) 1/2-1/8(adjustable)
Secondary Division Rate 1/2 or 1/4 1/2 or 1/4
Final Division Rate 1/4-1/16(1/32) 1/4-1/16(1/32)
Productivity 2000-1600 kgs/h 2000-1600 kgs/h
Total Power 8.25kw 8.25kw
Weight 1100kgs 1150kgs
Overall Dimension 4240x860x1900mm 4240x860x1900mm
Hammer Type High Manganese Steel Hammer Blade Hammer with Clad Layer of Tungsten Carbide


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