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Container Laboratories Redefine Efficiency

Welcome to a new era of cutting-edge solutions with Qingdao Decent Group's Container Laboratories. We transform shipping containers into labs, a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. With excellent mobility, they reach any destination by truck, train, or ship. Choose from various container types based on your needs. Our strength lies in modular customization, led by an expert design team and an experienced construction crew. Versatility is our hallmark, serving a wide range of applications across industries. Container Laboratories—the future of adaptable, mobile, and budget-friendly lab solutions.

Our Services

1. Turnkey Excellence

Experience a smooth project journey with our turnkey solutions. From concept to completion, we handle every aspect, ensuring a perfect fit for your experimental workflow.

2. Innovative Container Laboratories

Explore state-of-the-art container laboratories designed for on-site testing, mobile capabilities, and rapid deployment. Our solutions guarantee cost efficiency, environmental compliance, and versatile applications to meet your diverse needs.

3. Customization Expertise

Tailor your Container Laboratory to specific requirements. Our expert design engineers and experienced production team ensures that each solution aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

4. Sustainable Practices

Embrace the eco-friendly construction revolution with our Container Laboratories. We prioritize Reduced Environmental Impact, Lower Carbon Footprint, Energy Efficiency, Reuse of Resources, Long-Term Cost Savings, and Compliance with Regulations for a sustainable future.

Why Choose Container Laboratories by Qingdao Decent Group?

  • Expert Design Engineers and Skilled Production Team: Communicate your design preferences directly with our engineers, or simply share your concept. Our adept design engineers and experienced production team will seamlessly translate your ideas into a tailored solution.
  • High Quality at Affordable Prices: Every project is executed to the highest standards, ensuring superior quality. Despite our commitment to excellence, we maintain competitive pricing, making top-tier container laboratories accessible to our valued customers.
  • Modular Customization: Inside the container laboratory, our extensive production capabilities allow for modular customization. This flexibility ensures that the equipment can be adapted to meet the diverse requirements of various experimental processes.
  • Robust Supply Chain: Leveraging China's robust production factory supply chain, we boast fast and efficient supply capabilities. This enables us to meet any demand promptly within the container laboratory, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for our clients.

  • Classic Cases

    The Second Sample Prep Container Laboratory in Egypt Project 2024

    Sample Preparation Container Laboratory of Egypt Project 2023

    BV China Container Laboratory Project in 2022

    Canada Extreme Cold-Resistant Container Laboratory Project in 2022

    Egypt Containerized Laboratory Project 2021


    Explore our comprehensive range of laboratory solutions:

  • Fire Assay Equipment
  • Sample Preparation and Analysis Equipment
  • Chemical Lab Containers
  • Automated and Semi-automated Laboratory Equipment
  • General Prep Containers
  • Metallurgical Lab Containers
  • Acid Plant General Prep and Analysis Containers
  • Acid Digestion Containers
  • General Extraction Containers
  • Acid Plant Sulfur Analysis Containers
  • Container for Cobalt Analysis
  • Acid Storage Containers
  • General Office and LIMS Containers
  • Sample Tracking Software
  • Dust Extraction System
  • Fume Extraction System
  • Safety System
  • Empower your laboratory operations with our diverse and specialized equipment.

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