Containerized Laboratory Case

South Korea Project in 2015-Container Laboratory of Sample Preparation

Perfectly delivered sample preparation containerized laboratory

This project is for the customer who is an over 130-year-history enterprise with head office in the U.K. and is a market-leading provider of inspection and analysis services, with offices and laboratories in over 30 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe. According to the customer’s requirements, we designed, manufactured, installed and pre-commissioned one fully transportable 40'HQ containerized laboratory of sample preparation and delivered it to the customer’s laboratory in South Korea.

This mobile containerized laboratory contains the followings:

1 x Pulverizer with one extra set of grinding bowl. The Pulverizer is a Chinese brand instead of Essa or Alsto due to the budget requirement of the customer.

2 x Drying Ovens with 50 x Trays for Moisture Test. The drying ovens are manufactured by Decent according to customer’s requirements to heating method, maximum temperature and temperature control method.

1 x Mettler Balance which is purchased from an authorized distributor of Metter in China.

1 x Scale which is a Chinese band and made in China and purchased by Decent for customer according to customer’s requirements.

3 x Workbenches which are manufactured by Decent in China according to the dimension requirements from customer.

1 x Riffle Divider which is produced by Decent in China.

2 x Shelves for Sample Storage which are designed and manufactured by Decent according to dimension requirements from the customer.

1 x Electrical Cabinet which is designed and produced by Decent according to the electrical requirements and design according to all equipment which is required to be used in this containerized laboratory project.

1 x Ventilation System with Pulse Dust Collector which is designed and manufactured by Decent according to the sample preparation requirements from customers.

1 x Lighting System which is designed, prewired and installed by Decent according to the project requirements.

1 x Air Conditioner which is the Hisense brand and made in China and purchased by Decent for the customer.

3 x Windows which are designed and installed according to customer’s requirements.

2 x Doors which are designed and installed according to customer’s requirements.

containerized laboratory in workhouse containerized laboratory outside view

container laboratory pulverising mill and workbench container laboratory weigh station and electric balance station

sample preparation containerized laboratory inside view container laboratory weigh station

Electrical control system for integrated laboratory Distribution box of containerized laboratory

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