Fire Assay Fusion Furnace DE3042FF

Electric Fire Assay Furnace Of Mobile Container Laboratory Style

Qingdao Decent Group new DE3042FF electric fire assay fusion furnace is specially designed for mobile container laboratories. It can load 30x50g/65g fire assay clay crucibles(pots) for sample melting in mineral and geochem laboratories.

Equipment Parameters

1. Electrical Parameters:fire assay furnace

Voltage: 380/415/440V 3 phases

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input power: 17-28KW

Input current: 26-43A

Rated heating current: 50A

Rated temperature: 1200℃

Dimensions: W 1340mm x D 1130mm x H 1700mm

Temperature sensor: "K" type electric couple

Compressed air controls the opening and closing of the door. Suggested air pressure: 0.4-0.5 Mpa.

Heat source: silicon carbide element

2. Muffle furnace chamber working size: W 670mmx D 650mm x H 255mm

3. Matching: 50 places electric cupellation furnaces.

Structure Overview

The fire assay fusion furnace is simple and convenient to operate through the main switch.

It is heated by 9 U-shaped silicon carbide heaters installed on the furnace wall. And continuous heating can extend the element service life.

The temperature is automatically controlled and adjusted by a K-type thermocouple and Omron temperature controller. The maximum can be set to 1200 °C. The controller is easy to operate. It can display PV (set temperature) and SV (actual temperature) data.

The furnace door is equipped with a micro switch, which automatically cuts off the power when the door is opened.

The overall frame is made of steel plate, the structure is firm, and the outer surface is electrostatic sprayed.

The cabinet is made of quality 2mm galvanized steel, inside with high-quality insulating refractory bricks and refractory insulation materials.

Preheating Matters

After unpacking and installing the furnace chamber, flue and tile, the fusion furnace machine is heated for two hours, and the temperature is slowly raised to 250°C.

Run for another hour and slowly rise to 500°C.

Run for another two hours and slowly rise to 800°C.

The temperature is set to 1200°C. After reaching the set temperature, heating is performed for 1 hour.

Finally, set the temperature to 1100 degrees and the furnace can be used normally.

Melting Samples

In the fire assay process, fusion and cupellation furnaces, clay crucibles and magnesite cupels are the main equipment.

The fusion furnace is necessary equipment in the first step of fire assay. The sample in the crucible is heated and melted in the furnace. The lead traps gold, silver and precious metals in the molten state. A lead alloy(lead button) will form.

Supporting Equipment

It can also be used together with Crucible Tumbler, Electric/Manual Crucible Loader, Fire Assay Cupellation Furnace manufactured by Qingdao Decent Group.

Use Safety Attention

Safety goggles, aluminized protective gloves, and insulating protective clothing must be worn.

Normal Maintenance

In order to prolong the service life of the fusion furnace, the furnace chamber needs to be inspected frequently. If any cracks are found, they need to be sealed with refractory mud. The furnace chamber is a consumable product. It must be replaced at least 2-3 times a year.

There are 15mm thick bone ashes under the furnace tile. If one side of the furnace tile becomes slag, the other side needs to be turned over. The furnace tile should be replaced frequently.

After a long time of use, the carbon silicon element will gradually oxidize and increase the resistance. When the resistance increases to about five times the original, the element can be judged to reach the end life. If one or more elements fail to work, it is recommended to replace all elements. It is not recommended to replace only part of the elements.

Standard And Custom

In addition to the standard products of the electric fire assay fusion furnace, we accept customization.

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