U.S. Laboratory Feedback On Our Fire Assay Furnaces

100% positive reviews come from high-quality fire assay furnaces

One of our US laboratory customers ordered a batch of fire assay equipment in 2019.

Today, our customer told us that our equipment is of high quality and that they are very satisfied with it. In particular, they like our fusion furnaces because they are fast-heating, large volume, durable, and easy to maintain, drastically improving their productivity. Since the client is making a budget for the new fire assay lab, we still need to provide a number of fire assay lab equipment to the client.

The feedback from US customers has made us even more confident. Our commitment will be to provide comprehensive mineral laboratory solutions, to manufacture mineral lab equipment with high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy-saving technology, and to maximize value to our clients.

Qingdao Decent Group's knowledge and skills, extensive experience, strong internal production capabilities, and reliable supply chain not only ensure high-quality products, but also ensure customer satisfaction.

fire assay fusion furnace
US client is using our fusion furnace
Qingdao Decent Group's fusion furnace
fusion furnace side view
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