Qingdao Mars Labtech Takes Center Stage at 2023 World Gold Conference


Shenyang Hosts Historic Gold Technology Gathering

Shenyang, [5 Sep., 2023] – Qingdao Mars Labtech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Qingdao Decent Group, is thrilled to announce its successful participation and sponsorship of the esteemed 2023 World Gold Conference.

About Qingdao Mars Labtech Co., Ltd.:

As a dynamic subsidiary of Qingdao Decent Group, Qingdao Mars Labtech Co., Ltd. is committed to advancing research, innovation and excellence in China's mineral laboratories. Its commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices puts it at the forefront of shaping the future of careers related to the mining laboratory.

About the 2023 World Gold Conference:

The World Gold Conference is a biennial academic event for decision-makers, entrepreneurs, experts, and professionals in the global gold mining industry and related technical fields. From its inception in 2005 until 2020, the conference alternated between Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Starting in 2021, China and the United States joined the ranks of organizers. In September 2023, the 10th World Gold Conference will be held in Shenyang, China.

Conference Highlights:

- The 2023 World Gold Conference and China Gold Industry Whole Industry Chain Innovation Forum kicked off in Shenyang on September 5, marking the conference's inaugural event in China.

- With the theme "Green Wisdom Leads the Innovation and Development of the Global Gold Industry," the conference spanned three days, attracting nearly a thousand experts, scholars, research institution representatives, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

- The conference featured a keynote forum and ten sub-forums, covering various topics, including precious metals, gold geology, green mining, deep-well mining, and gold dressing and smelting. These discussions showcased the latest advancements and development trends in global gold technology.

- Over 400 contributions from experts and scholars worldwide were collected, addressing the conference's theme and offering technical solutions and references for sustainable development.

- In 2022, China produced a remarkable 372.048 tons of gold while consuming 1001.74 tons, solidifying its position as the world's leading gold producer, consumer, and processor. China's gold industry continues to grow and significantly influence the global stage.

- Mr. Lu Jin, Chairman of the China Gold Association and Secretary of the Party Committee of China National Gold Group Co., Ltd., emphasized the importance of global cooperation, particularly in addressing key technical challenges and promoting technological breakthroughs in the industry. He also highlighted the goal of enhancing the modernization of the industrial base through high-quality technological advancements.

- The conference was jointly organized by the China Gold Association, American Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Canadian Association of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, Australasian Association of Mining and Metallurgy, and South African Association of Mining and Metallurgy.

The 2023 World Gold Conference's inaugural event in China aligns with the centennial anniversary of Northeastern University, emphasizing the global gold industry's commitment to collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development.

As a biennial academic event in the global gold industry, the World Gold Conference continues to serve as a critical platform for knowledge exchange, international cooperation, and technological advancement in the field. The conference's proceedings, which encompass a wide range of topics related to the gold industry, aim to provide valuable insights and solutions for the sector's sustainable development.
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