Qingdao Mars Labtech Earns Recognition as 2024 National Gold Industry Quality Supplier

Qingdao Mars Labtech Co., Ltd., a leading subsidiary of Qingdao Decent Group, is proud to announce its recognition as the "2024 National Gold Industry Quality Supplier." This prestigious award underscores the company's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service within the gold industry.

Earning this recognition is a testament to Mars Labtech's relentless pursuit of excellence.  With a focus on innovation and the highest standards, the company has consistently provided advanced mineral laboratory solutions for the gold mining sector.  Their equipment and expertise cater to the unique needs of gold mining operations, helping to optimize efficiency and accuracy throughout the testing process.

Serving a significant portion of China's gold mines (Xinjiang Gold Mine, Dongan Gold Mine, Taiping Gold Mine, China Gold, Shandong Gold), Mars Labtech has established itself as a leader in the field. This honor not only acknowledges the company's current achievements but also serves as an inspiration to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality in the years to come.

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About Qingdao Mars Labtech:

Qingdao Mars Labtech Co., Ltd., an innovative subsidiary of Qingdao Decent Group, is dedicated to serving the Chinese market.  We specialize in providing high-performance fire assay and sample preparation equipment, alongside cutting-edge mobile container laboratories.  Our comprehensive solutions empower mineral laboratories to achieve greater testing efficiency and accuracy.

About Qingdao Decent Group:

Qingdao Decent Group is a leading conglomerate with a diverse portfolio, including significant contributions to the metallurgical, technology, and environmental sectors. The group is committed to excellence and innovation across all its business ventures.
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