Qingdao Decent Group's first generation of electric fusion furnace

The electric furnace can hold 25 crucible samples simultaneously

Fusion sample is one of the most important steps in the fire testing process, and correspondingly, the fusion furnace is also one of the most important and necessary equipment for fire testing. 

Qingdao Decent Group specializes in the production of various types of laboratory fire-assay electric fusion furnaces. 

In the video below, it is our first generation electric fusion furnace.

This is an industrial-grade fusion furnace. Its large furnace can load crucibles of various sizes, and can accommodate 25 crucible samples at the same time, which greatly improves the efficiency of laboratory melting and reduces the frequency of manual operations. 

The maximum temperature of this furnace can reach 1200℃. The high temperature radiation and the volatilization of harmful gases will pose a serious threat to the health of the operators. Therefore, the operator needs to wear safety goggles, aluminized heat-insulating protective clothing and aluminized protective gloves throughout the operation to ensure their own safety. 

When taking out and pouring the crucible, be sure to move steadily. 

In the video, the operator has taken safety measures, using the crucible dumping fork to smoothly and easily remove the crucible sample from the fusion furnace, and pouring the sample into the steel mold on the crucible dumping steel mold car, and then the crucible is buckled upside down. To the crucible cooling car, waiting for the next processing. 

This fusion furnace can also be matched with other equipment of Decent Group, such as manual/electric lofting forklifts, crucible mixers, etc., to form a multi-sample loading and transfer system for fire assays. 

Qingdao Decent Group's fusion furnaces can be customized according to customer needs, and all fire assay tools can also be customized according to customers' specific requirements.

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