Qingdao Decent Group Completes Construction of Two Container Laboratories for Tanzania Project

Qingdao Decent Group, a leader in advanced laboratory solutions, is proud to announce the completion of two state-of-the-art container laboratories for the Tanzania project, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Features of the First Container Laboratory:

  • Custom external dust collector
  • Capabilities for ore sample crushing, splitting, and grinding
  • Integrated design for efficient, large-scale sample handling
  • Rapid deployability and adaptability to various environments
  • Advanced safety features and dust removal system

Features of the Second Container Laboratory:

  • Designed for chemical testing with necessary sinks and plumbing
  • Effective ventilation system for harmful gas and vapor expulsion
  • Chemical-resistant work surfaces and secure storage cabinets
  • Safety equipment including eye wash stations and fire extinguishers
  • Laboratory furniture for a high-standard, safe, and functional environment

Both laboratories are repurposed from standard 40HC maritime shipping containers, showcasing our dedication to sustainable development and innovation.

"We are proud to unveil these two container laboratories, the result of months of diligent work and commitment," said Wang Gang, Deputy Director of the Design and Development Department at Qingdao Decent Group. "These facilities exemplify our commitment to providing high-quality mobile container laboratory solutions tailored to our clients' unique requirements."

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