Qingdao Decent Group Beaker Production Line

Labor-saving and efficient beaker production line

This is the beaker production line of Qingdao Decent Group. 

In the video, we can clearly see the automatic production line of high borosilicate glass beakers, and the picture captures the firing steps of the beakers. 

The heat-treated beakers are arranged on the tool cart and pushed to the high-temperature fire place by the rollers in turn. 

After the firing is completed, the beakers will be arranged in an orderly manner on the tool rack, waiting for cooling. 

This automated production process can effectively reduce manual operation errors. 

We all know that beakers have become one of the most widely used and frequently used instruments in chemical analysis experiments due to their cheap and easy-to-observe characteristics. 

Therefore, the selection of high-quality beakers is crucial for analytical laboratories. 

As an entity manufacturer with a factory, Decent Group has a complete beaker production line and has a strong supply capacity. 

We have always adhered to the principle of strict material selection, and produced in strict accordance with standards and specifications. The beakers produced have high definition, stable performance, and can be used repeatedly. 

The high borosilicate glass beaker produced by Decent Group has a uniform wall thickness and can be used on a heating plate. 

It has excellent mechanical strength and durability, small thermal expansion coefficient, and can withstand sudden cooling and heating, and has been widely favored by major laboratories.

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