Pure Water Applications in Routine Laboratories

Enhancing Accuracy and Reliability in Scientific Experiments

Pure water plays a significant role in ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of results in scientific experiments conducted in routine laboratories. In our labs, we utilize pure water for various applications, including cleaning glassware, heating water baths, injecting water into autoclaves, and generating steam.

I. Glassware Cleaning:

Thoroughly cleaning glassware is an essential aspect of routine laboratory operations. To meet less stringent requirements, Grade 3 water can be used. However, for cell culture, ICP-MS, or clinical experiments, it is recommended to use ultrapure water (grade 1) to minimize contamination risks and blank control peaks.

II. Water Bath Heating:

Maintaining constant and adjustable temperatures is crucial for experiments involving water bath heating. Although tap water is commonly used, it can cause scaling issues due to its high calcium and magnesium ion content. To ensure the longevity of equipment, it is advisable to use grade 3 water for water bath heating.

III. Autoclave Water Filling:

Autoclaves are employed for sterilization and disinfection purposes. High-pressure steam is utilized to elevate the water temperature above 100°C. Grade 3 water is typically used, and it may be necessary to adhere to governing body codes for disinfection services.

IV. Steam Generation:

Steam generators play a crucial role in clean room humidification, as well as in built-in autoclave and sterilizer systems. Grade 3 water is commonly used in steam generation, and proper water pre-treatment is essential. Compliance with relevant governing body codes is crucial, particularly when using steam in healthcare settings.

The Effect of Water on Experiments:

Water, functioning as a solvent in experiments, significantly impacts the results. Improper selection of water, such as tap water, may introduce contaminants and scaling, thereby affecting experimental outcomes and equipment lifespan. For general laboratory use, it is recommended to utilize grade 3 water to mitigate these issues.

Related Equipment Recommendations:

Qingdao Decent Group offers suitable pure water or ultrapure water systems that adhere to industry standards, including GB/T 33087-2016, GB/T 6682-2008, and GB/T 11446. By implementing these systems, we ensure the success of your experimental research, providing the necessary water quality for accurate and reliable results.
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