New Acid Scrubber Project for Egypt in 2021

Avoid harmful fumes that can harm operators and corrode equipment

In 2021, clients from Egypt approached Qingdao Decent Group with their problems and needs. 

Industrial-grade laboratory environments are often filled with exhaust gas and acid mist, which can cause harm to operators. How to remove these harmful exhaust gases has become a headache. 

After targeted analysis, our engineers developed and customized a new acid scrubber tower project for our customers.

new acid scrubber tower part 1new acid scrubber tower part 2new acid scrubber tower part 3new acid scrubber tower part 4new acid scrubber tower loading containernew acid scrubber tower shipment

Decent Group's acid scrubber tower has a wide range of applications, and can be used in acid discharge cabinets, fume hoods, electroplating stations, etc., and the purification efficiency of harmful gases is also very high, reaching more than 95%~98%. 

The acid mist waste gas generated during the experiment will be introduced into the acid leaching tower through the air duct. After passing through the packing layer, the waste gas and the sodium hydroxide absorbing liquid will be fully contacted and absorbed by the gas-liquid two-phase, and then a neutralization reaction will occur. After the acid mist exhaust gas is fully purified, it is dewatered and demisted by the demisting plate and then discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. 

The purified acid mist exhaust gas can meet the customer's local emission standards and emission requirements, protect the health of operators, and protect the environment. 

After sufficient design preparation, we completed the production of the acid scrubber tower as scheduled, and through testing to ensure that the product meets the qualified standards. 

The product has been packaged and shipped. Installation and subsequent use will be shown to you shortly. 

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