How does rotary sample divider work?

Qingdao Decent Group DRSD40/DRSD16 Rotary Sample Divider

Qingdao Decent Group Rotary Sample Divider is manufactured in accordance with international certified sampling rules. Our equipment can accurate division of large number of bulk samples. This can save time and improve work efficiency. It is an essential tool for the sample preparation process.

The rotary sample splitter is easy to operate and can quickly prepare representative samples. The representativity of sample is more than 99%. The machine is completely enclosed, which can reduce environmental pollution. There is a safety switch inside the laboratory sample divider to prevent operation when the lid is opened.

The sample is manually (or by a vibrating feeder) poured into the feed port. The sample free-flowing evenly and vertically. The discharge port of the equipment adjusts the speed of the drop of the sample by setting the vibration frequency. The rotating collection barrel adopts 2 buckets, 4 buckets, 6 buckets or 8 buckets according to the needs of the experiment. The rotating speed of the collection barrel can also be set by adjusting the speed. So as to realize the uniform distribution of the sample to the sample barrel.

Each bucket of the barrel is equipped with a handle for easy disassembly. All parts in contact with the sample are made of SS304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevent mixing. The touch panel can control the vibration frequency of the discharge port and the rotation speed of the drive motor. And it accurately control the discharge speed and the speed of the section bucket.

Qingdao Decent Group DRSD16 rotary sample divider can divide samples with a particle size of 3-13mm. The production capacity per hour is 600-1200 kilograms of samples. The DRSD40 rotary sample divider can divide samples with a particle size of 6-25 mm. The production capacity per hour is 1200-1800 kilograms of samples.

For more technical parameters information, please visit this web page for details.

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