How does crucible tumbler work?

Time-saving and labor-saving equipment for fast assay crucible mixing

Qingdao Decent Group Crucible Tumbler is a new type of automatic rotating crucible mixing equipment. It is mainly used for mixing fusion samples and fire assay flux in the process of fire assay. Up to 50 crucibles can be mixed at a time to improve sample preparation efficiency. The crucible tumbler mixer can save time and manpower very significantly, and avoid samples loss and scattering. It is a necessary sample mixing machine for fire assay laboratories.

The video above is a demonstration of the crucible tumbler operation.

1. The crucible tumber has a touch screen, which can automatically control the opening/closing of the door and the rotation of the mixer. This mixing device has two doors. One is a door with an observation glass on the outside. The other is the mixing box door containing the crucible inside the device.
2. When the doors of the equipment are all open, use a hand forklift (or a special designed electric crucible loader by us) to load the crucible into the mixer. The loading capacity of this crucible mixer is very large. The rotary loader inside the equipment has AB sides. Each side can be loaded with 25 crucibles, and both sides can be loaded with a total of 50 crucibles.
3. After loading the crucible, close the inner and outer doors through the touchpad. Then set the time of rotation and mixing on the touchpad. The mixer starts to mix the samples. During the set time, the rotary loader inside the equipment will rotate forward and reverse. Ensure the uniform mixing effect of the sample. A high-density sponge is attached to the inside of the rotary loader to prevent sample loss and scattering.
4. When the mixing process ends, the device will automatically open the door. At this time, the ore sample and fire assay flux in the crucible have been completely mixed.

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