Hammer Crusher DJHC50A

Hammer Crusher adopts fully sealed box to achieve dust-free operation

The video shows the hammer crusher developed and manufactured by Qingdao Decent Group. 

As an indispensable equipment in the process of sampling and preparation, choosing a high-quality hammer crusher can greatly improve the efficiency of laboratory sample preparation.

You can clearly see that our crusher is a one-piece welded steel crushing chamber, which has a beautiful appearance and can avoid the problems of cracking and material retention.

This video shows the process from feeding to completion of crushing. After the operator responsible for the display pours the material to be crushed into the feeding port, press the start button and ensure that all the material enters the crushing cavity. 

In a very short time, the crushing operation can be completed. 

Open the cover, we can clearly see that there is a plug-in sieve plate inside, and all the crushed materials pass through the sieve, there is no problem of clogging and sample retention, because we use a full-width hammer head for full-section crushing materials, the crushing efficiency is very high, and it will not destroy the moisture of the sample. 

From the video, we can also hear that, as an industrial-grade crusher, Decent Group's hammer crusher has low noise, does not damage hearing, and is very friendly to the operator's health. 

In addition, our hammer crushers can also choose to have a built-in sampling divider to improve sampling accuracy. 

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