Delivers Cutting-Edge Cupellation Furnace to Prominent Gold Mine in Inner Mongolia

Mars Labtech's Success: Cupellation Furnace Delivery & Installation

Qingdao, China - [Jan 18, 2024]

Qingdao Mars Labtech Co., Ltd,  a subsidiary of Qingdao Decent Group and a leading provider of laboratory equipment and solutions, is pleased to announce the successful delivery of a state-of-the-art Cupellation Furnace to a major gold mine located in Inner Mongolia, China.

The gold mine, recognized as a powerful enterprise within the Chinese mining industry, sought to upgrade its equipment to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. Recognizing the opportunity, Qingdao Mars Labtech collaborated closely with the mine's management to customize and deliver a 100-places Cupellation Furnace tailored to meet the specific requirements of the mine.

"Our team at Qingdao Mars Labtech is committed to delivering high-quality equipment and exceptional service to our customers," said Wang Gang, Vice Director of R&D at Qingdao Mars Labtech Co., Ltd. "The successful delivery of the Cupellation Furnace to the gold mine in Inner Mongolia underscores our dedication to providing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the mining industry."

In addition to the delivery of the Cupellation Furnace, Qingdao Mars Labtech's team of experienced engineers provided on-site installation and commissioning services, ensuring seamless integration with the mine's existing infrastructure. Comprehensive training sessions were also conducted to familiarize the mine's personnel with the operation and maintenance of the furnace, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

"This project represents a significant milestone in our cooperation with the gold mine in Inner Mongolia," added Wang Gang. "We are proud to have contributed to their efforts to modernize and improve their operations, and we look forward to further collaboration and expansion in the Chinese market."

The successful delivery of the Cupellation Furnace underscores Qingdao Mars Labtech's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and comprehensive customer support to its clients in the mining industry.

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