DECENT-Lab Technology attends 2nd China-ASEAN Gold Industry Development Forum 2023

Advancing Sustainable Mineral Analysis, Offering Innovative Solutions

We are pleased to announce our successful participation in the 2nd China-ASEAN Gold Industry Development Forum 2023. Our sales manager Ms. Wang Cui Hong, gave an excellent presentation that resonated deeply with attendees and demonstrated our commitment to advance the field of mineral laboratory technology.

Innovative Solutions for Mining Laboratories: We are pleased to present various solutions developed specifically for mineral laboratories at the Forum. In particular, our containerized laboratory has been awarded by most of the participating companies and Gold Association experts.

Our unwavering commitment to product quality, automation technology and environmentally friendly production leads to our commitment to improving mineral analysis and analysis safety. Considering this importance, we not only provide a green and ecological future, but also create a positive impact on the future.

Developing Business Models and Partnerships: The positive feedback and appreciation we receive supports our effort to push the boundaries of business models. We are also committed to strengthening the cooperation between mineral water laboratories of China and ASEAN countries, promoting knowledge exchange and skill development.
Acknowledgments and Acknowledgments: Thank you to all participants for their understanding and good discussion in the forum.
With a shared vision of excellence in green mining, we are proud to continue our innovation path to help mineral water testing facilities become more efficient and accurate.

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