Congratulations! Canadian extreme cold-resistant container laboratory is perfectly completed

A container laboratory that operates continuous in a -50°C temperature

With the end of the last process, Qingdao Decent Group's Canadian extreme cold-resistant container laboratory project was successfully completed! After the customer confirms the time, we will transport the container laboratory safely.

The container laboratory this time is different from the previous ones, it can adapt to the experimental environment of -50℃, and can operate normally in extremely cold weather.

As we all know, the container laboratory has the characteristics of flexible transportation and plug-and-play compared with the traditional laboratory, which can greatly reduce the time and economic cost of building the laboratory locally.

However, many mines are in relatively harsh environments, such as extremely cold temperatures, which ordinary container laboratories cannot withstand.

This time, a Canadian customer found us to order a container laboratory for sample preparation, and put forward their own requirements: the container laboratory should be used in an extremely cold environment of -50 °C.

Our engineers immediately analyzed the customer's experimental environment, determined their experimental needs, and tailored this extreme cold container laboratory.

It contains the necessary equipment for sample preparation such as jaw crusher, oven, workbench, etc. It also has an experimental dust collection system to maintain the experimental environment and ensure the health of operators. It can be said that it is a relatively complete sample preparation laboratory. It can meet the whole process of sampling and preparation.

After the goods are delivered, we will also provide training services, and if necessary, on-site debugging.

Qingdao Decent Group thanks every customer for their choice and trust. We will also do our best to provide customers with the highest quality mineral laboratory equipment and tools.

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