Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 1
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 close door view
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 open door view
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 pressing platform
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 control panel
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 1
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 close door view
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 open door view
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 pressing platform
Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 control panel

Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000

DECENT high-performance Pulverizer Mill, designed for efficient sample preparation. This industrial-grade equipment utilizes electric power to drive the mill platform, producing the desired mesh sample. With its robust construction and advanced features, our Pulverizer Mill is an ideal solution for various laboratory and industrial applications.

Product Details

High-Performance Pulverizer Mill for Efficient Sample Preparation

The DECENT Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 operates with the utilization of eccentric weights that rotate within the mill platform, generating horizontal circular motions. This unique motion allows the pulverizer bowl to effectively crush sample materials, resulting in the desired representative sample. With adjustable running time and particle size control, along with consideration of inherent material properties, this high-performance mill is ideal for efficient sample preparation in various laboratory and industrial applications.

Advantages of Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000

  • Exceptional Performance: The Pulverizer Mill ensures efficient sample preparation, delivering high-performance results.
  • Versatile Application: Accommodates different sample materials and particle sizes, making it suitable for various laboratory and industrial settings.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The integrated control box features switch buttons, a motor overload safety device, and a pneumatic fail-safe device, ensuring easy and safe operation.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: The lid protection device automatically stops the pulverizer when the lid is opened, prioritizing user safety. An optional variable frequency drive offers added convenience.

Main Features

  • Suitable for ores, minerals, ferroalloys, ceramics, soils, aggregates, and chemicals.
  • Designed for large sample preparation tasks in mineral laboratories.
  • The universal drive shaft provides more power to the vibratory head and optimizes motor life.
  • The trouble-free manual pressing clamp features a unique quick, easy, and non-loosening bowl clamping design.
  • Grinding bowl sizes consist of 300cc, 400cc, 800cc and 1000cc, allowing for versatility in sample sizes.
  • 40g up to 800g can be ground at once, accommodating a wide range of sample sizes.
  • Samples can be milled to 95% passing 75 microns within 3 minutes, delivering fast and efficient results.
  • A lid-locking safety switch makes the chamber inaccessible during operation, ensuring operator safety. It incorporates a time delay to prevent the operator from accessing the mill platform until the machine has completely stopped.
  • The mill will not start until the lid is completely closed, preventing any accidents or mishaps during operation.
  • The machine can be stopped quickly with the easily accessible emergency stop button, providing an added layer of safety and control.
  • The dismountable design of the front panel offers easy and convenient maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Optional Bowl Jack pneumatic lifting device allows for less manpower and ensures better efficiency, enhancing productivity and ease of use.
  • A sturdy cabinet with a rubber gasket provides a dust-free and environmentally friendly operation and performance, maintaining cleanliness and sustainability in the laboratory environment.

Lab Pulverizer Mill DPM1000 Technical Parameter

380-415V 50Hz 3phase
Grinding Capacity
Motor Power
Compatible Grinding Bowls
125cc 300cc 400cc 800cc 1000cc
Feed Size
Bowl Materials
Standard steel, Chrome steel, Tungsten carbide
Output Size
95% 75μm
Mill Net Weight
Timer Setting
1 second-99 hours
Mill Dimensions

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