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Jaw Crusher and Rotating Sample Divider Combo DJRC80

Elevate your sample preparation efficiency with the DJRC80 – a revolutionary fusion of a fine jaw crusher and Rotating Sample Divider (RSD). Experience seamless crushing and splitting in one step, optimizing your sample preparation process. Discover adjustable jaws, efficient rotation, and advanced technology for a singular, efficient operation.

Product Details

Elevate your sample preparation capabilities with the DJRC80

The sophisticated integration of a fine jaw crusher and a Rotating Sample Divider (RSD) which is a cutting-edge design seamlessly combines crushing and splitting, optimizing the sample preparation process into a singular, efficient operation.

The Jaw Crusher and Rotating Sample Divider are seamlessly integrated to facilitate the crushing and splitting process in a single step.
The sample undergoes crushing in the Jaw Crusher before proceeding through the discharge funnel to the rotating filler of the divider. With the filler's consistent rotation speed, the sample is proportionally divided between the trays and receiving buckets based on their reduction ratio.

Key Features

Jaws can hold up to 5kg of sample
Jaws can be easily adjusted and rotated to extend useful life
Two split options available
Easy adjustment of the variable split
Crushing and splitting in one step

Technical Parameters






Jaw Crusher: 3 kW

Divider: 0.25 kW

Hopper Size


Feed-in Size


Output Size


Divider Ratio


Crush Quantity per Time


Overall Size


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