Sampling & Sample Preparation Case

Tanzania Sample Preparation Laboratory Project

From product to after-sales, everything is available

The sample preparation laboratory of a mining enterprise in Tanzania was completed in 2016. Our first undertaking is to provide turnkey solutions and service to our customers, which includes research and design, complete equipment, tools and consumables manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery, on-site installation and commissioning, and operation training & consultation. Consequently, we designed the layout of the laboratory and production of all equipment, tools, labware, and glassware, including the laboratory dedusting system and acid fume scrubber, which will be used for this project in accordance with the customer's specifications.

After production, we worked with our forwarder and arranged the delivery of all cargoes to the laboratory of the customer from Qingdao, China to Tanzania. Then we sent a few engineers and technicians there to work together with employees of the customer for the installation and commissioning of all equipment on site.

After the project is set up well, our engineers and technicians also proceeded training in a few times for the employees of the customer about how to operate and maintain all equipment until the lab operators can operate all equipment independently and well.

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