Strategic Cooperation with PT. ANTAM Tbk

New comprehensive partner from Jakarta, Indonesia

On November 11, 2018, Hyde Wang, general manager of Qingdao Decent Group, led his team to Jakarta, Indonesia.

The destination of this trip is PT. ANTAM Tbk Company.

Hyde Wang met with Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo, President and Director of PT. ANTAM Tbk.

PT. ANTAM Tbk is a well-known mining company in Indonesia, with a wide range of business, processing a variety of minerals, and has developed very well in recent years.

Qingdao Decent Group provides high-quality equipment and tools for mining laboratories. Our products are very popular at home and abroad, and are frequently praised. The strength of Decent Group is obvious to all.

strategic meeting with PT. ANTAM Tbk

The theme of the meeting was to discuss the two companies and cooperation. 

During the meeting, Hyde Wang introduced Decent Group and the full range of fire testing, ore sample preparation and mineral testing products and services we provide to customers and partners around the world.

ANTAM recognized the strength of Decent Group very much, and was very interested in the products we produced, and immediately expressed its willingness to cooperate with Decent Group in an all-round way. 

The two parties are now discussing the content of the cooperation agreement, and the official signing will be signed soon. 

We are very happy to win this cooperation case, which not only means that Decent Group has been recognized by international companies again, but also means that we will have one more sincere partner. 

Now we are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation, Decent Group will bring the highest quality products to customers.

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