Qingdao Decent Group Test Tube Production Line

Labor-saving, safe and efficient test tube production line

As one of the most important consumables in detection and analysis, high borosilicate glass test tubes are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, scientific research units, experimental universities and other industries. 

Therefore, the test tubes should also be selected from high-quality materials and high-quality ones. 

Qingdao Decent Group specializes in the production of high-quality high-borosilicate laboratory glassware, and we have advanced test tube production lines.

As shown in the video below, this is exactly what heat-treating the tubes produced. 

Next to the production line, professional operators supervise the operation in real time, and everything is carried out in strict accordance with the production standards to ensure that the produced test tubes are durable and have high light transmittance. 

Not only do we have a strict production process, but the size of the test tubes produced is uniform, and we take every detail seriously. 

The high borosilicate glass test tube has stable material, long service life, heat resistance and high temperature resistance, and is more suitable for laboratory chemical analysis. 

The test tube produced by Decent Group has the characteristics of good light transmittance, clear observation, thickened nozzle, smooth firing, thick tube wall, durable, smooth and smooth, delicate and beautiful. 

Our test tubes have received unanimous praise from our customers.

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