Operationg Steps of Sieve Shaker for Screening

Sieve Shaker can be easily used in accordance with operating standards

The basic operating steps of the standard inspection sieve shaker for screening materials

1. The standard inspection sieve shaker should be placed horizontally, confirm that the power supply meets the requirements of the nameplate, and ensure that the ground wire is well connected, the vibrating part cannot touch other objects, and whether the bolts of each part are locked.

2. Determine the selected standard sieve frame according to the inspected materials and corresponding standards.

3. Stack the standard sieve frame on the base of the screen frame according to the aperture from small to large and from bottom to top.

4. Put the inspected material into the top standard sieve frame, cover the top cover of the standard sieve, adjust the height of the adjusting rod according to the total height of the standard sieve frame, and then use the pressure plate and lock nut to position and tighten the standard sieve frame (note: both sides the force must be consistent).

5. Set the timer according to the nature of the material and the amount of feed, and then turn on the power switch, and the standard inspection sieve shaker starts to work.

6. After the standard inspection sieve shaker stops working, loosen the lock nut, remove the pressure plate, and carefully remove the standard sieve frame.

7. Cut off the power supply.

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