Laboratory Safety Case

North American Dust Removal System Project

Provides a safe working environment and protects operator health

In 2019, we built a custom dust collection system for a well-known laboratory in North America. Clients are very satisfied with our products. Dust removal systems have not only greatly improved the working environment, but also improved the work efficiency in a significant way.
Qingdao Decent Group industrial cust collection system adopts a cartridge filter pulse dust collector. It can reduce the pollution of dust and harmful particles in the laboratory, provide a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, and protect the lab testing and analysis process.
Filter cartridge dust collectors use the principle of high-pressure pulse dust removal, and the filter cartridges filter dust by suction, which can effectively filter and purify fine dust.  The filter element adopts a microfilter with activated carbon adsorption material, which can effectively filter 99.9% of sub-micron particles.

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