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Professionally provide all kinds of high-quality laboratory equipment

The gallery demonstrates our strong manufacturing capabilities, showing our ability to supply turnkey laboratory equipment.

Mobile Containerized Laboratory
Qingdao Decent Group designs and manufactures containerized laboratories for mines, sample preparation laboratories, pilot plants, and testing laboratories. We provide turnkey solutions. Various laboratory testing requirements can be met with a modular design. A container laboratory can start operating in just a few minutes once water, electricity, and drainage have been connected to the site.
Laboratory Dust Removal System
Qingdao Decent Group laboratory dust removal system uses a cartridge filter pulse dust collector for effective dust and particle removal. Dust is removed by a high-pressure pulse method using a filter cartridge dust collector, and activated carbon is used as an adsorption material in the microfilter. It is effective at filtering 99.9% of sub-micron particles.
Laboratory Rotary Sample Divider
Qingdao Decent Group Rotary Sample Divider is for accurate division of bulk laboratory samples into equal representative samples. Sample representative is more than 99%. The samples are fed at a controlled rate as a falling stream that is divided in toequal segments by the action of a “circle” of segmental buckets being rotated beneath the stream.
Laboratory Hammer Crusher
Qingdao Decent Group laboratory hammer crusher adopts a full-width hammer head, and a high-quality motor drives the rotor to rotate quickly. The full-width hammer head will impact, shear and tear the material from the ore sample entering the crusher cavity. The material larger than the mesh size is blocked on the sieve plate and continues to be impacted by the hammer until the particle size of the ore sample passes through the sieve plate. Exhaust from the machine.
Laboratory Jaw Crusher
Qingdao Decent Group's DJ and DJC series heavy-duty, hard-wearing, and low-maintenance jaw crushers can be used in a large batch or continuous operations in laboratories. Typical applications will include general primary crushing of initial bulk or field samples in analytical and metallurgical laboratories, sampling stations, and pilot plants.
Laboratory Sample Pulverizer
Qingdao Decent Group laboratory sample pulverizer is also called laboratory ring mill or laboratory disc mill. It is one of the key equipment in the sample preparation process. Efficient and accurate experimental results depend on high-quality sample grinding. Our single-bowl and multi-bowl series ring and puck pulverizers are specially designed and manufactured for this purpose.
Laboratory Pulverising Mill DP2000
Qingdao Decent Group's DP2000 laboratory pulverising mill is ideal for applications requiring grinding of hard, brittle, dense, and fibrous materials to final fineness for analysis, and features the benefits of dust-free, fine grinding, and no sample loss.
Laboratory Standard Sieve Shaker
Qingdao Decent Group standard mechanical sieve shaker is a fully automatic laboratory instrument that selects dispersed materials based on sample size. Mainly used for particle size analysis of powders, loose materials and suspended solids in the laboratory. It can meet all fine and ultra-fine range of fine and granular materials, especially suitable for difficult-to-handle materials.
Laboratory Fusion Furnace
Qingdao Decent Group Fire assay fusion chamber furnace is a kind of equipment used to melt crushed ore samples (containing precious metal) with mixed fluxes (powdered lead oxide) in a refractory clay crucible. The industrial-sized, large-capacity furnace chamber can be loaded with multiple crucibles, which significantly improves the efficiency of laboratory smelting and testing of ore samples and reduces the frequency of manual operations.
Laboratory Cupellation Furnace
Qingdao Decent Group Cupellation Furnace heating element of the cupellation furnace adopts silicon carbide heaters, and the furnace adopts refractory materials with silicon carbide as the main element. The maximum temperature can reach 1200. PID temperature control system can realize temperature indication and precise regulation. The modular design of the cupellation furnace chamber is convenient for maintenance and replacement of parts.
Laboratory Crucible Tumbler
Qingdao Decent Group's crucible tumbler is a new type of forward and reverse rotating mixing equipment. The crucible tumbler is mainly used for batch mixing of fire assay mineral samples and fluxes. The device can mix up to 50 fire assay crucibles at a time. This significantly improves the efficiency of laboratory sample preparation and reduces manual operations. It is one of the necessary equipment for fire assay laboratory.
Laboratory Clay Crucible
Qingdao Decent Group‘s quality refractory clay crucible is a vessel for holding crushed mineral samples and metal alloys, and for melting samples at high temperatures in a fire assay furnace. The fire assay crucibles we manufactured are made with a scientific mix of high-quality materials and are carefully crafted. The clay crucibles have high mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. It can usually be reused up to five times.
Laboratory Fire Assay Cupel
Qingdao Decent Group cupel is a shallow, porous crucible with approximately 96% magnesia. It is especially used to separate gold, silver, and precious metals from lead buckles in the process of Pb-Fire assay. By using high-quality raw materials and scientific formulas, Qingdao Decent Group's fire assay magnesia cupel has a smooth surface, high mechanical strength, and will not crack and pit during high-temperature cupellation.
Laboratory Electric Crucible Loader
Qingdao Decent Group Electric Pot Loader, Electric Crucible Loader, Electric Crucible Pot Forklift • 25/50 pots loading capacity, suitable for multiload and multipour system. • Control panel for easy loading and unloading. • Maintenance free & 5-year-warranty battery and built-in charger for convenient operation. • Customized loading capacity meets clients’ various needs.
Laboratory Manual Crucible Loader
Qingdao Decent Group Manual Pot Loader, Manual Crucible Loader, Manual Crucible Pot Forklift • 25 place/50 place one-time pots loading capacity, saving time and increase efficiency. • Easy to operate with pedal and handle to realize lifting and pots placing action. • High-intensity steering wheel with brakes, safe and stable, easy to move. • Customized loading capacity to meets client's needs.
Laboratory Fire Assay Tools
Qingdao Decent Group provides a full range of fire assay tools that can be combined into various multiload and multipour systems. It is designed to help fire assayers transfer multiple samples into and out of crucible tumbler and high-temperature furnaces. The multiload and multipour systems can reduce manual work intensity, improve work efficiency and avoid high-temperature radiation. All fire assay tools can be tailored for clients’ specific requirements.
Laboratory Pulverising Bowls
Qingdao Decent Group Pulverizing bowl: also called pulverising mill grinding bowl, pulverizer mill bowl. It is a grinder that grinds coarse material into fine powder. When working, put the grinding bowl into the laboratory sample pulverizer or vibration grinder card slot. The motor drives the grinding bowl to eccentrically vibrate. After 2-6 minutes of work, the material can reach 80-300 mesh for testing.

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