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Decent Group provides high-quality, comprehensive laboratory equipment

Laboratory Equipment from Qingdao Decent Group
Supply equipment and consumables for mining laboratories; manufacture containerized laboratories; provide solutions for sample preparation, analysis, and laboratory safety.
Crucible Tumbler Fusion Furnace Cupellation Furnace of Fire Assay
High quality Crucible Tumbler, Cupellation Furnace, Fusion Furnace of Laboratory fire assay. Industrial size, durable, easy operation and maintenance.
forklift load multi crucibles to fusion furnace
Qingdao Decent Group designed to help fire assayers transfer multiple samples into and out of crucible tumbler and high-temperature furnaces.
forklift load multi crucibles to crucible tumbler
It is designed to help fire assayers transfer multiple samples into and out of crucible tumbler and high-temperature furnaces. The multiload and multipour systems can reduce manual work intensity, improve work efficiency and avoid high-temperature radiation.
manual and electric forklift loader
The electric/manual forklift load up to 50 clay crucibles into the fire assay furnace at a time, operate easily and protects the operator from the high temperature.
kinds of series laboratory jaw crusher
For batch or continuous operation, this laboratory jaw crusher is safe, simple to operate and maintain. Materials can be quickly crushed and less dust output.
another two kinds of laboratory jaw crusher
Qingdao Decent Group's DJ and DJC series heavy-duty, hard-wearing, and low-maintenance jaw crushers can be used in a large batch or continuous operations in laboratories.
laboratory hammer crushers
Our hammer crusher adopt full-width hammer head, fully enclosed cavity and quick-change sieve plate with 3 particle sizes. It‘s a high toughness lab hammer mill.
laboratory pulverizer and pulverising bowls
Our lab sample pulverizers can grind various materials to analytical fineness quickly without sample loss or dust. A full range of pulverizing bowls are fitted.
reciprocating sieve shaker and standard sieve shaker
Our standard sieve shaker place 8 layer of test sieve, has strong vibrating force, uniform frequency, good screening effect, convenient loading/unloading sieves.
mobill containerized laboratory
We design and manufacture modular, mobile containerized laboratories. This turnkey product gives mining labs the ability to conduct testing in remote locations.
full sets of fire assay tools
Supply full range of fire assay tools, as cupel loader, workshop bench, pot storage trolley, furnace shovel and brusher.

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