Hammer Crusher With Splitter

Hammer Crusher is suit to mineral type granular material

As shown in the video, this is a hammer crusher, which is produced and manufactured by Qingdao Decent Group in strict accordance with relevant standards. 

On the basis of the hammer crusher, the design and transformation are carried out, and the reduction ratio is increased. 

Its crushing cavity adopts welded steel crushing cavity, which is wear-resistant and durable, and is not easy to crack. 

And the cabinet is fully sealed design, no dust pollution, to protect the laboratory environment, in line with the concept of environmental protection. 

This hammer crusher can be used to crush large moisture samples. The process of the video demonstration is that after the operator sets the split rate of the sampler, the device is turned on. 

When the material enters the crushing cavity, it is hit by the hammer on the rotor to crush the large sample. The crushed sample particles will enter the reduction system through the sieve hole, and the reducer will reciprocate in the horizontal direction. 

This hammer crusher is novel and reasonable as a whole, compact in structure, fast in sample preparation and high in efficiency, and is now widely used in the preparation of material samples in mining, scientific research and other industries. 

In addition, all transmission components have safety protection facilities to protect the safety of operators and meet the requirements of safe production.

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