Fire Assay Case

25 Place Electric Fire Assay Fusion Furnace to Mineral Lab in Africa

The Furnace can be used with fire assay multiload and multipour system

The furnace in the video is our first generation of 25 place electric fusion furnace. It was manufactured and delivered to our customer in Africa. The details of this furnace are as below. Now the second generation of fusion furnace is also available. The fusion furnace is delivered together with fire assay multiload and multipour system which we designed and manufactured according to the requirements and laboratory condition of the customer.


• Easy to maintain and operate.

• Compatible with “Multi-pour” loading / unloading system.

• Door panel for easy access to the transformer.

• Built to industry standards.


• Cabinet is a durable 2mm steel plate, lined with high-quality refractory bricks and insulation.

• The furnace is mounted on a console fabricated from a 2mm laser cut plate in blue enamel.

Temperature Control

• Electronic, automatic control max. 1150°C

• Type K thermocouple.

• High temperature alarm output.

• Optional 7 days timer is available.

Door Operation

• Pneumatic rising. Operated by a foot pedal.

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