Laboratory Safety Case

Dust Removal System for Containerized Labs

Specially designed for containerized labs, convenient and safe

The three mobile container laboratories designed and produced for Egyptian customers have all been completed. The container laboratory dedusting system designed and installed by the engineers of Qingdao Decent Group adopts a cartridge filter pulse dust collector. The cartridge filter element uses a micro filter containing activated carbon adsorption material, which can filter 99.9% of sub-micron particles. It provides a safe and comfortable working environment for the container laboratory staff.

containerized wet labs
dust removal system for containerized lab
dust removal conection pipe
dust removal machine special match to container lab
designed containerized fire assay lab
designed container lab dust collecting pipe system
dust collection cap
dust collection pipe
dust collection mill for container lab
gas safe cabinet for container lab
fire assay contianerized lab
containerized firy assay laboratory
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