Containerized Mineral Wet Laboratory Display

Multifunctional and Rationalized Containerized Mineral Wet Laboratory

One of the 3 containers we design and manufacture for our cooperative customers is a wet laboratory. According to the customer's requirements and the experimental environment, we adopted a solid ISO shipping container. The container has been transformed into 3 functional areas.

As you can see from the video, the first functional area is the electronic balance weighing station. There are a total of 3 workstations. Two of which are ordinary electronic balance weighing positions. And the leftmost is an electric heating plate for wet digestion processing procedures, which equipped with an exhaust gas collection system.

The second functional area is equipped with a set of operating desks and 2 sets of fume hoods. There is also a hand washing and emergency eyewash area. The fume hood is connected with an acid scrubber tower to treat chemical waste gas.

The third area is the AS test area specially designed and produced by customers. The pipes and pressure gauges inside the laboratory are connected to the air compressor. And external acetylene and oxygen tanks are also connected. The outdoor acetylene and oxygen tanks are placed in an explosion-proof cabinet designed and made by us.

The lab space is reasonably optimized through careful design. The mobile container laboratory includes all necessary testing equipment, compressed air, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and dust removal systems. The entire laboratory testing environment is comfortable and safe.

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